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So, What exactly can NEXIO help you with?

Why get NEXIO

Low Cost
At US$5,000, 1/5 of average market cost

NEXIO can be easily installed with an initial investment of US$5,000, only 1/5 the average market cost!

Easy to Use
Just insert flash drive into machine to get data

Easy onboarding and minimal system requirements, NEXIO is an entry model tool. Just insert a flash drive into your machines to obtain data.

Flexible & Versatile
Easily scaled to new machines and factories

Applicable to all factory environments, regardless of scale and type. NEXIO can be self-installed at different machines over time.

Safe & Secure
3 deep layers of protection to keep data secure

NEXIO uses 3 layers of protection: AWS cloud server, HTTPS data encryption and an independent data structure to keep your data safe.

Do you really need a full productivity management system to achieve great results? Think again!

NEXIO - Achieve Largest Impact at a Small Cost

By targeting the sewing process, any improvements will bring about 70% impact on overall productivity! Why invest in a full system when you can start with NEXIO at a small cost and achieve the greatest impact? Once you are ready to invest in a full system, NEXIO can be easily connected to other systems.

NEXIO provides the perfect solutions for:
Garment Factory Owners

NEXIO Network System enables managers to meet production goals by tracking output trends and setting targets. By tracking actual output over time, this shortens the response time required to correct bottlenecks in production.

Easily understandable viewer functions that show hourly target and actual number with bar graph in addition to accumulating number with line graph. It allows users to see the changing point and recovery points easily.

NEXIO’s system allows you to completely track the ratio of sewing time to total working hour across machines that operate the same function and compare the average. Unproductive machines and workers with low sewing time to total working hour ratio can be immediately identified and corrected.

Easily understandable viewer functions that show sewing time in blue and total work hour in green, across multiple machines that operate the same function.

Garment Factory Operations Manager

NEXIO technology eliminates the need to manually check working lines for line balance checking. For example, with 3 connection points, the system is able to provide simple line balance checks, to pinpoint inefficient machinery.

1. NEXIO IoT collects data from 3 machines, A, B and C
2. Actual output of A, B, and C is collected
3. NEXIO system will automatically generate comparison chart. Without needing to check actual line, you can see bottlenecks and improve line

NEXIO system is able to identify and diagnose errors in the machines. This greatly reduces maintenance time and allows you to better future plan maintenance cycles. You can easily implement targeted solutions at identified errors and save time.

View Error History

View Cause of Error

Learn how NEXIO increased output by 31% in 4 months!


Factory was consistently unable to meet their production targets, and did not have the capital to invest in additional manpower or resources. They needed to find another way to increase output fast, or they risk losing their loyal customers.


NEXIO IoT system enabled them to view the split between operating time and non-operating time of all the SN machines in the factory. Through this split, operators could easily see which workers are spending too much idle times at their machines, without even needing to walk around the factory to spot check on their workers. They identified that the workers are intentionally idle during working hours so that they could claim overtime hours. With the production data displayed on the big screen, each operator will increase the awareness of their production. Unproductive operators / machines will be very easy to spot and immediate improvements can be achieved.

Output per day


I never knew why I've not been able to achieve my productiviy targets despite my employees working overtime everyday! but with NEXIO, I could instantly see the true productivity of my employees.

CEO of a leading garment factory in Vietnam

NEXIO IoT Case Studies
Leading Vietnam garment factory

"I am spending so much on workers working overtime, but I cannot increase my output significantly. Brother IoT helped me ensure that my workers are productive 100% of the time!"

NEXIO IoT Case Studies
Large reputable Japanese garment manufacturer

“I have huge pressure from clients to reduce costs, but I had no idea how to do so. Brother IoT helped our factories increase profits, and reduce costs! Amazing, and we are installing it in Indonesia and Vietnam too!”

NEXIO IoT Case Studies
India garment factory with over 5 decades of history

“Even though I have so many operators, I face so many problems everyday, from unbalanced lines, overproduction, defective products etc. Brother IoT helped me solve all these problems easily and I do not even need as many operators as before!”

What is the entire process like?

Watch NEXIO in operation!

How will NEXIO look like in your factories?

Watch and overview of the factory line in operation. Everything is going on smoothly


Watch the manager using NEXIO at the end of the line. He can see production, operation and equipment data


See how the data is projected to a big display for all operators to see. This way, everyone is aware if they are meeting own production targets, and where the bottlenecks are



  • 6 months free service
    (Annual fee = US$ 3,000)

  • Gateway server

  • Wi-Fi Device
    (7 sets of Flash Air and USB)

  • 2 stand alone panels

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  • Free expert consultation from our productivity experts

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  • Available for those who are currently using NEXIO machines or plan to do so in the near future
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Frequently Asked Questions

Brother NEXIO system is secure because of 3 main reasons:

1. Secure AWS Cloud Server
  • Data centre and network architecture built for highly security-sensitive organizations.
  • Allows customers to scale and innovate, while maintaining a secure environment.
2. HTTPS data encryption
  • All data communications are encrypted and kept confidential.
  • (Secure Sockets Layer) SSL prevents decryption of data by external means.
3. Independent data structure
  • A data structure is a specialised format for organising and storing data.
  • NEXIO IoT uses many independent and highly secure data structures.
  • This greatly increases the security of stored data and also reduces the likelihood of operational errors.

There is no minimum number of machines. NEXIO network system can be started from as little as 1 machine in one line, and slowly be expanded to multiple lines, and then to multiple factories.

With just 1 Gateway Server, around 1,000 machines can be connected.

NEXIO cloud application delivers real time data analytics, round the clock. The NEXIO Platform is easily configurable, allowing users to access and view device data in numerous ways that include Mobile phones, Tablets, Laptop or Desktop computers. Thus, data can be viewed anytime anywhere.

Cloud computing ensures that the information collected is always the latest, most updated version

Existing production management systems only manages final output data. However, NEXIO IOT System supports factories by analysing and evaluating processes, thus improving the operating systems and overall competitiveness in the long run.

The logic behind how we can achieve such big results with small actions is simple. First, let us take a look at a typical garment factory.


The most common machine in the garment factory is the SN machine. It is also the cheapest machine and requires the least investment per machine.


However, SN machines are also the most inefficient! When looking at total working time, SN machines only spend 10-20% of total time on sewing.


NEXIO IoT aims to improve the machine working ratio of the SN machine. Even by improving the ratio by a little, given that the machine makes up the majority of the machine quantity in the factory, the impact on overall productivity improvement is multiplied!